Environmentally Responsible UV Systems

NeoTech Aqua Solutions is the global leader in environmentally friendly UV technology. Our unique ability to produce specific wavelengths of UV while amplifying our UV dosage using ReFleX™ technology results in up to 90% less power consumption compared to standard UV systems. Because every UV photon generated is reflected with maximum efficiency, our systems can be smaller, use fewer bulbs and use less mercury. With as few as one-tenth as many bulbs as standard UV systems, NeoTech Aqua’s clients enjoy a significant reduction in replacement inventory and hazardous waste disposal.

NeoTech Aqua Solutions leverages its technological efficiencies to help our clients save the environment in a variety of ways. In addition to saving power, reducing mercury waste and eliminating 90% of bulbs compared to standard UV systems, we have pioneered new environmental markets.

Only NeoTech Aqua can efficiently and economically treat groundwater contaminated by harmful carcinogens such as NDMA, 1,4-dioxane, TCE, urea, and MTBE and other TOC’s.  When it comes to efficiently treating ballast to thwart port-to-port contamination from ships, NeoTech Aqua has the smallest, yet most powerful UV systems in the world. Our technology makes disinfection and TOC reduction possible with unprecedented efficiency and environmental benefits. Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility and NeoTech Aqua Solutions’ technological efficiencies make sustainability and being green easy.

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