Technical Benefits

100% Dosage Assurance™

When it comes to UV reliability, nothing compares to NeoTech Aqua's 100% Dosage Assurance™ made possible with our patented ReFleX™ chamber technology. Because our ReFleX™ chamber provides a reliably uniform dosage throughout the UV chamber with no baffles or dead-legs, microorganisms and organics are completely destroyed. ... more

Environmentally Responsible UV Systems

NeoTech Aqua Solutions is the global leader in environmentally friendly UV technology. Our unique ability to produce specific wavelengths of UV while amplifying our UV dosage using ReFleX™ technology results in up to 90% less power consumption compared to standard UV systems. Because every UV photon generated is reflected with maximum efficiency, our systems can be smaller, use fewer bulbs and use less mercury. With as few as one-tenth as many bulbs as standard UV systems, NeoTech Aqua’s clients enjoy a significant reduction in replacement inventory and hazardous waste disposal. 

... more

ReFleX™ Efficiency

For both disinfection and TOC-reduction applications, NeoTech Aqua Solutions’ patented ReFleX™ UV chamber technology represents the state-of-the-art in high-efficiency UV systems by reflecting over 99% of the UV we generate back into the water. By comparison, UV systems using stainless steel or aluminum typically reflect approximately 25% of the UV. ... more

Less Lamps, Less Power

Simply put, our systems deliver more UV dosage with a small fraction of the number of lamps required by standard UV systems. With fewer lamps, less heat is generated so our systems are the coolest operating UV systems in the world. ... more

No-Flow, No Problem

NeoTech Aqua Solutions is also distinctly reliable in that our systems can remain operating in a no-flow environment for extended periods without adversely affecting our lamps. This special advantage provides our customers a fully-rated lamp life even if the system must shut-down periodically. And, since NeoTech Aqua Solutions’ systems have the most efficient power and operating profile, we also enjoy the widest operational temperature range in the industry. ... more