NeoTech Aqua Solutions Announces New Magnum 4.3 MGD High-Efficiency UV System


For Immediate Release
January 17, 2012

Contact: Stephen Dunham
NeoTech Aqua Solutions
Ph: 858-571-6590

San Diego, CA – NeoTech Aqua Solutions, the industry leader in High-Efficiency Ultra-Violet (UV) water treatment systems, announces the release of its Magnum UV disinfection system, a highly efficient UV system capable of producing 3000 gallons per minute or 4.3 million gallons per day with only four low-pressure lamps.

“The development of Magnum showcases NeoTech Aqua’s commitment to R&D and the development of high-efficiency UV systems,” commented Stephen Dunham, NeoTech Aqua’s President & CEO. “Whereas conventional UV systems treating 3000 gpm are typically the size of a moving truck, our new Magnum can treat 3000 gpm on a footprint smaller than a water cooler. Such an advancement in UV technology is truly is unprecedented.” In addition to its obvious footprint advantages, the Magnum uses only four low-pressure lamps compared to 72 lamps, typical of conventional UV systems used for disinfection and advanced oxidation processes.”

Magnum utilizes the same patented high-reflectivity chamber that has been NeoTech Aqua’s core technology since 2008. “By reflecting over 99% of the UV we produce we all but eliminate the loss of valuable UV energy to the chamber walls – a problem that is typical of stainless steel chambers and those using aluminum or quartz reflectors,” says Dr. Randy Cooper, NeoTech Aqua’s Chief Technology Officer. “The high efficiency of Magnum translates directly to power cost savings, significantly lower maintenance requirements, a small fraction of the bulb-disposal requirements, and a more environmentally responsible operation.” Specifications for the Magnum UV unit may be found online at

NeoTech Aqua Solutions specializes in High-Efficiency UV Systems for disinfection and TOC reduction in water treatment plants. Since 2002, the company has secured multiple patents on UV technologies which reduce power consumption, space requirements and operational costs by up to 90% compared to standard UV systems. For more information on the NeoTech Aqua Solutions line of high-efficiency UV systems, visit the company on the web at or call 858-571-6590.