High Efficiency UV Systems

Since 2002, NeoTech Aqua Solutions’ technical team has engineered the world’s most advanced UV technologies for water treatment. Among our technical accomplishments is the first 99% reflective chamber which boasts up to ten times greater efficiency compared to standard UV systems. Such unique efficiencies reduce our clients’ power consumption by up to 90% which saves you money as you do your part to help the environment.

Our innovative cost- and power-saving technologies also result in fewer lamps, significantly lower bulb replacement costs, a 75% smaller footprint and up to 90% less mercury compared to standard UV systems. Since our systems have as few as one-tenth the number of lamps compared to standard UV systems, our systems also require less maintenance, have fewer replacement parts, and are the coolest-operating UV systems on the market. Further, only NeoTech Aqua’s UV systems have the ability to operate in a zero-flow environment for hours without shutting down or reducing lamp life. Such technical and operational advantages make NeoTech Aqua the most efficient, most cost-effective, and most user-friendly UV systems in the industry.

While these patented innovations are exciting, there’s more. Our systems may be installed vertically or horizontally and only NeoTech Aqua offers 100% Dosage Assurance™. So whether your goal is total disinfection or complete TOC reduction, with 100% Dosage Assurance™, assay and other testing requirements post-UV are reduced or eliminated.

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High Efficiency UV Systems Comparison Chart